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Senin, 01 Maret 2010

Mike: …IN RESPONSE (1 OF 2)

Mike: …IN RESPONSE (1 OF 2)

Mike mengambil beberapa pertanyaan fansnya dari post-an sebelumnya.

"It was no easy task going through your comments on the last post. Sorry if I wasn’t as thorough as you’d like; there were over 900 when I wrote these answers :)

Q: “so is the new song off of 8-bit rebellion going to be a unreleased song made for the game or a song off the new album?” – Zane
M: Unreleased (new) song, exclusive to the game. It won’t be on the new album.

Q: “How much will the 8 bit rebillion game cost?” – Black Days End
M: I think there will be a free trial version, and a full version at $5.99.

Q: “Hey Mike, what are you’re favorite chords to use when writing a song?” – AD Martens
M: Whichever ones sound good.

Q: “What’s going on with Fort Minor / rapping” – lots of people
M: I’m happy to report that I’m rapping more on songs right now. I might also be singing a bit. Chester is obviously still singing a lot as well. But when I feel like doing something “Fort Minor”ish, I usually just do it on a Linkin Park song these days.

Q: “Do you and the band like the way your music has evolved over the years? I know I can speak for all the true true LP fans that we are very grateful for evolving, and not being like other bands that every song, on every album sound alike.” – Chris McCoy
M: Yes, I like the way it has evolved, and I look forward to seeing where it goes from here.

Q: “Do you like dancing?” – AnnRunSmih
M: Gangstaz don’t dance, we boogie.

Q: “What do you think makes a good song/album?” – Jenn
M: I was just talking to someone about this. Right now (today), I want an album that challenges me and moves me. I want something that says or does something unique that I wasn’t expecting. That could be in the sounds of it, the lyrical tone or delivery of it, or something else. I just got the new Massive Attack and Hot Chip albums and I’ve been listening to Micachu a lot. Also listening to The Doors, Jimi Hendrix, and Run DMC on repeat…

Q: “Batman or Superman?” Some random Guy.
M: Batman, no question.

Q:” Please confirm that the @m_shinoda is you, just say yes or no, please!” Tomo, Jéssica
M: Yes, please.

Q: “i´m from germany and i cant wait to buy the next LP album my question is why do you and chester don´t sing on the new we are the world song for haiti. i mean even justin biber and miley cyrus sings in that song, so i was wondering why they didnt let you guys sing” – sabrina spitzmueller
M: They asked us if we wanted to be on it, and we said “no, thank you.”

Q: “Which is your favourite Tetris-block? ” – Devian
M: The s-shaped one is the best. If you say “z-shaped,” you’re a jackass. S-shaped rules.

Q: “Are you going to answer ‘no’ to this question?” – Jacob M.
M: Maybe."


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