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Senin, 17 Mei 2010

Straight From The Studio With Brad

Straight From The Studio With Brad

ini adalah Q and A untuk Brad yang diambil langsung dari

Berikut isinya:

" You asked for updates from the studio, so we sat down with Brad and tried our best to dig out some info for you guys. Read our Q&A with him below:

Rob told us in the LPU chat that this was a very visual album. Can you expand on that at all? What are some of the visually inspiring things?

We think about the visual aspect of our creativity as an essential component of our identity as a band. In addition to the visual artists inside our group, we're lucky to be surrounded by an incredible team of collaborators. Our artwork inspires our music, and our music inspires our art.

How long does a typical day in the studio last?

Fortunately, no day in the studio is typical. Some days we work for 12 hours, some days for a much shorter stretch.

Why did you decide to record in a studio again rather than in a house like you did for MTM?

The unique environment in which we worked during the MTM session forced us to think differently about writing and recording. Fortunately, we've carried that unconventional spirit with us this time around; plus we're enjoying the ease and efficiency of a permanent studio space.

What kind of gear are you using for the new album that you haven't used before?

We've taken a more disciplined approach to recording our newest songs, in that the gear we're using is more focused.

How do you think the new album will translate into a live performance? Is it going to be more challenging to recreate the new songs live than it has been with previous albums?


What are your in-studio must haves (food, games/distractions, etc.)

The fewer distractions the better!

Does the studio have to be setup a certain way, or with a certain vibe (dark, candles, etc.)

Sometimes when we're editing, the lighting is fairly mundane. For vocal recording or an important listening session, though, the studio definitely gets darker.

With LP, is it majority rules? Like, if 4/6 guys like a track is it approved or do all members have to agree on featured/finished tracks?

Generally speaking, we believe a song is strongest when all six of us (and Rick) love it. So, we'll keep working on a song (or abandon it, for that matter) until (or unless) it transcends a diverse, unforgiving array of expectations.

Do you ever get claustrophobic in the studio? What do you do to release any tension or stress after working and reworking songs all day?

Fortunately, very few people would accuse our current studio space of being too cramped! If anything, I whole-heartedly appreciate the opportunity to do what I love in an amazing, inpsiring, creative environment. And, I'm particularly excited for you all to hear the results."

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