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Selasa, 20 September 2011

Linking up with Linkin Park - Interview Mike Di The Nation - ""

Mike Shinoda berbicara kepada The Nation (media Thailand). Dalam interview ini Mike membicarakan album baru, Fort Minor, dan berbicara sedikit tentang Thailand. Berikut adalah kutipan interviewnya :

What are you guys up to now?
Right now, I'm excited to be touring in Asia once again! After this tour, we'll return home to continue work on a new album.

When are we going to hear it?
I'm not sure when this next one will come out. Our last two albums took more than a year each to make. That's why it's important for us to stay focused on a new one.

What is this album going to sound like?
I have no idea! It could be anything at this point. Lots of people ask what the new material sounds like at this moment, and I think trying to describe it might be a mistake. What other people don't realise is that, with an album process that takes over a year, the music takes many twists and turns during the album's creation. So although I might give you a super-accurate description of what things sound like right now, everything could change in two weeks.

How about your hip-hop collaboration, Fort Minor?
I had a lot of fun making it. Fans of it are very vocal, and I know they would love to hear another one. I'm currently just working on Linkin Park stuff, so no Fort Minor in the immediate future.

How did you get involved in music?
I grew up playing classical piano and listening to rap music. I learned guitar from friends, and eventually started this band in an effort to mesh together all the sounds I liked to listen to - alternative, hip-hop, electronic, new wave, industrial. Over time, I think the sound has grown to include more genres of music, and blended them in a more interesting and challenging way.

Has the Japanese half of you contributed to your music?
I'm half Japanese. It can be subtle and complex, the way my ethnicity plays into the way I make music, create art, and interact with others in the process.

Tell us more about the current tour…
The tour started almost a year ago now, and we've been lucky to play all over the world. I was particularly excited to play in some places I've never visited before, like Abu Dhabi and Tel Aviv. We've also got to play at some amazing landmarks, like Red Square in Moscow, Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles, and Puerta de Alcal in Madrid. I'm also looking forward to visiting Japan, where we'll be doing charity work with Music For Relief and Save The Children.

What do you like about our city?
I've always had a good time in Thailand. The people, food, and culture of Thailand are always something I look forward to. It's an amazing place.

Excited that you'll be back soon?
We are thrilled to be returning to Thailand to see our fans. "A Thousand Suns" was a challenging and special album for us, and we're so happy that our Thai fans have come along for the ride. But as always, we'll be playing songs from all our albums on stage, not just "A Thousand Suns". We look forward to seeing everyone at the show.

sumber : The Nation via MSC. LPFI

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